The patented technology that increases results by decreasing your recovery time.


Zoraflexx Cream: is a natural based cream that works fast.  Zoraflexx cream has been used to sooth pain from tendinitis, acute ankle pain and chronic arthritis.  Zoraflexx cream is currently being used  at The Ankle and Foot Center by Dr. Naim Shaheed. Listen to what people are saying about Zoraflexx.  Note Zoraflexx cream contains small doses of aspirin.



WD Hand Sanitizer is an effective sanitizer at 70% alcohol.  WD Hand Sanitizer goes on smooth and doesn't dry your skin.  Each batch is tested by an FDA certified facility for precision and accuracy.   Please review our MSDS



Zoraflexx Paste The patented technology that increases results by decreasing recovery time.  Zoraflexx paste is a natural based product that soothes sports related injuries like sprains, strains and hamstrings.  Unlike other topical products Zoraflexx is only applied once.  Zoraflexx paste is currently being used by athletic trainers, doctors, coaches and physical therapist at division one colleges and high schools



WD Sanitizing Wipes clean and sanitizes hands and non-porous surfaces.  Our 80% alcohol-based product has been proven to decrease bacteria.  WD Sanitizing Wipe application is easy.  Enjoy the Lemongrass smell while you clean and sanitize.  WD Sanitizing Wipe are certified safe.  Please review our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for safety details.


About Our Product

Zoraflexx is a patented medical paste based on natural ingredients that not only relieves pain but also reduces swelling associated with arthritic conditions and sports-type injuries. Unlike typical oinments, balms, gels and rubs,
Zoraflexx is a new technique. The paste is designed to create its own barrier after application, thereby concentrating its active ingredients on the injured area, giving maximal treatment and decreasing the time of recovery.

What makes it totally unique is the fact it only requires one application daily compared to our competitors four daily applications for relief of symptons. Another important fact is it can be sold for treatment of both pain relief of injuries
and arthritic pain.


I was having pain in my back morning and night. I begin to use Zoraflexx and it gave me relief so much I used it for all my joint pain and it would give me relief instantly. I told my sister who worked at a factory was having pain in her hands and she started using it. She got so much relief she used it before she went to work. Anyone with any kind of joint pain and want immediate relief will benefit from the use of Zoraflexx. I recommend it to all my family and friends.

Joyce Butler, Retired Social Worker New Orleans, LA

My husband and I really appreciate your product, Zoraflexx. On March 5, 2019, my husband was having severe pains on his left side.. the pain travelled from his hip to his ankle...he could barely stand without holding on to something to stabilize him. I had him to take a hot bath and lie down in order for me to apply the Zoraflexx...from the hip to the ankle. Within 2 hours, he was feeling better...he went to sleep. He awakened at 5:45 a.m. with no pain. It definitely works. I will recommend this product to anyone. Thanks so much.

Janice Gray

‘Zoraflex really works! I'm an active 58 year old that loves to play golf. After golf practice and a round of golf just apply a small amount before bed and awake in the morning ready to take on the world.

Anthony Watkins